Making knives has been an on again off again affair for more than 40 years. I have kept a full time day job in the metal cutting/machining industry the whole time. It has been an interesting juxtaposition. Starting with manual machines and then progressing with the CNC (Computer Numerical Control) technology from its infancy to now.  

    Operating, programing and finally, selling state of the art equipment tracked along with forge, fire and anvil. I explored many other pursuits in that time. Knives and knifemaking lying dormant for years at a time.

     Now, I have retired from the world of CNC machines. Devoting a greater portion of my time to the world of bladesmithing and knives.

    I work mostly in the Japanese tradition. Concentrating on culinary type knives. I have a traditional Japanese charcoal forge as well as more modern propane forge.

    The self-built spring hammer is one of my treasures. Can be a bit temperamental at times though.


     Ichi-go Ichi-e. 

    A reminder to myself and part of my trademark.

     A Japanese idiom that can be translated to “Once in a lifetime-Never again”.                                                                                                While it can apply to many things, it is a reminder that I will have only one opportunity in this life to make any one knife.

    Make the most of it.


    I don’t normally take orders. I pretty much make stuff then sell it. You can find it here under available work. Having said that, I do take into account what folks like within my “genre”.

    Subscribing to the newsletter in the form at left and typing a brief message does several things. It gives you first look and what I have for sale before it goes on this site, gives me an idea of what I should make and from time to time-what is going on in the shop and some of how I do things.

    And of course, this list is for my own use. Nobody else gets it.

    I usually work in small batches of same style blades. Once blades have survived quenching and the like, I will send pictures out.

    Anyone interested can specify options from a list. Handle material, saya (sheath) type and material etc. Buyer supplied materials can be discussed.