Black Widow-300mm Yanagi-ba

This knife is based on a kiritsuke yanagi-ba sushi knife.

The handle is a more western faceted style. Materials are a rare bocote burl with 3000 year old bog oak and red fiber liners.

Not all blades tell me there name but this one is Black Widow. The name required the red liners.

The steel started out as  layers  of 1084 and 15N20 forge welded together, then cut, restacked and welded several times to around 150 layers.

It was then forged in a square and then forged flat, perpendicular to the original stack. This resulted in what was the edge of the layers showing up in more or less straight lines. Similar to what Japanese swordsmiths call masame hada .

The butt shot shows how the layers distorted when forged on edge. Kind of cool. Will use that pattern the future.

The blade itself is a double bevel with slight hollow on each side.

The saya or wooden sheath is English Yew-the same wood used in the famous English longbows-and 3000 year old bog oak.

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